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Support for parents and professionals working with children.

Welcome! Gather and Play was created to support adults to understand children's tricky behaviours.

It's my mission to play a part in raising a generation of well connected, emotionally intelligent, and confident children.


Hello, I'm Esther.

I wonder if you might be a parent, or educator (or both!) who doesn't believe that children should be punished, reprimanded, or cajoled into doing things.

You deeply value connection, and understand the importance of security and safety for children to learn and grow.


But maybe, you weren't parented this way yourself.


You were parented in a way that you're working to change for your own children. You're doing your best, but finding it hard!


You aren't alone. I work with many, many parents and educators who find themselves with this same challenge.


I'm so glad you've found me here.

I'm now officially your biggest cheerleader.

How can I help?

1:1 Support

I provide 1:1 Zoom sessions where I help to unpack current challenges with tricky behaviour.

My lens is attachment based and neurodiversity affirmative.

Please email me for further information.

Membership Group

Each month, members get access to content that supports them to build children's social and emotional intelligence.

The doors are currently closed, but please click here to sign up to the waitlist if you'd like to know more during my next intake. 


If your team are looking for some support in understanding tricky behaviours in their early learning environment, a training session is the perfect way to build understanding and skills in the area.

I facilitate trainings via Zoom, please get in touch to learn more.

Have you ever been faced with a tricky behaviour and had no idea what to do?

I wrote my 'fallback phrase fact sheet' to give you four key phrases you can use in these situations!

By using these phrases, not only will you lose that 'deer in headlights' feeling, you'll also be building your child's social and emotional skills.

Fallback Phrase Factsheet.png

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