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Child Psychology Australia provides online and in person training. 

If you would like information regarding how we can best support you, please get in touch via email.


For Parents

Membership Group

Each month, members get access to content that supports them to build children's social and emotional intelligence.

These topics include:

- Holding boundaries

- Sibling challenges

- Brain development

and more.

The doors are currently closed, but please click here to sign up to the waitlist if you'd like to know more during the next intake. 

For Professionals


Tailored training packages are available to support you and your team relating to understanding children's behaviours.


Professionals in areas such as education, early learning, schools, allied health, and more have benefitted from workshops that are neurodiversity affirming, attachment based, and trauma informed.


The first step is to understand what the current challenges are for your team.

Please get in touch to learn more.

Training Feedback

Thank you again for the wonderful presentation at our Team Meeting yesterday.  The feedback was extremely positive ... the therapists commented that you provided some great examples of language to use to explain the concepts you raised to families.  The conversations and discussions continued through the day and some of the other agenda items we had planned across day linked beautifully with the information you presented.  There was a lot of great reflection on…”this relates to what Esther was saying earlier…”

Esther gave knowledgeable information in the presentation. She is amazing speaker and very confident. Today’s presentation was very productive for me as it enhance my skills and knowledge very well…. Thanks Esther

This presentation was amazing
Esther was well spoken and knows her stuff!!

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