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How exciting!! We are building a new membership group and you have put up your hand to be a founding member. I am so glad to have you here.

The purpose of this membership is to provide parent education (it is not therapy). Perhaps you were parented differently than the way you want to parent your children. You follow so many pages online with so much advice, but for some reason trying to do the work is still REALLY hard! My goal is to provide information and create a space where you can build confidence in your parenting approach, and feel well connected and supported in your parenting journey.

Here is how I plan to support you all as we embark on this journey together:

There will be 12 themes throughout the year, with a key focus each month. When we reach the end of the year, the topics will cycle around again to be revisited! The key focus areas are currently planned as follows:

brain development//reflect teach respond model//emotional intelligence

growth mindset//self regulation//mindfulness

sibling struggles//routines & rituals//screen time

independent play//boundaries//sleep

Each month, you will receive access to:

- a short video relating to the focus area

- an instagram live - ask me questions, or send in a question via email!

- an audio only version of the focus video

- a text only version of the focus video

The membership will be hosted solely on Instagram.

When you sign up, payments will be automatically continued through PayPal each month, but there is no lock in contract. Your founding member price will never increase throughout your time in the group. If you want to cancel your subscription, you can either do this via your Paypal, or just send me an email.

This format is planned but changeable, so please know that the way the membership looks may change over time.

Following your payment, you will be taken to a welcome page containing the information you need to join the membership Instagram.

The content will commence from the 1st of April, 2022.

$27 AUD p/m

Sign up will only be available between 24th and 31st of March, after that I will 'close the doors' to work on our content and supporting you!

I will open the doors again in future to let more people enrol.

Looking forward to seeing you soon for our first Instagram Live!

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