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Welcome! Esther here - thanks for clicking through to learn about my program. It's called....

"Create, Build, and Grow"

A program for therapists and teachers starting an online business

You study teaching, and become a teacher.

You study therapy, and become a therapist! Right?


But what happens when you get into the field and realise…


Securing a permanent teaching role is harder than you thought – so you do relief work. School holidays = no pay!


As much as you love working with children, as a therapist, you find that your case load is huge. There aren’t enough hours in the day to see clients, research case presentations, and keep up to date with case notes. You try to not to even think about your huge waitlist.

It wasn't what you expected.

Ride All Day_edited.jpg

You’ve got the skills and passion, but the traditional route just isn’t working out. You feel stressed, overwhelmed and worst of all – like its inevitable that you will burn out.


Here’s where I feel it’s really important to share something with you.


I’ve burnt out of a therapy role before.


It was horrible! I don’t want you (or anyone!) to go through the same.


There is a different pathway – it’s just a little unconventional. Maybe like you? 😉


Through creating Gather and Play, I've learned along the way how important it is to have specific structure and guidance to make sure your business thrives.

I've had the opportunities to create and share my e-workbook, an online membership group, and workshops. 

All of these opportunities were created through taking the leap and using the skills and knowledge I already had to build a beautiful community in the online world.

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I've supported others to get their business ideas started and they said...

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say a big thank you for our first session today! I am feeling super inspired, and have lots of ideas floating around - very exciting! It has helped me gain a bit of clarity, and I can't wait to work with you on this some more :) - Victoria

In the past, being able to share what you’re passionate about with the world would’ve been almost impossible. Now, you can be chatting with someone from an entirely different country in minutes by creating a completely free online social media profile.

The internet has forever changed the way we can create income for our families.


I can take you through the steps I followed to build an online community of wonderfully like-minded people, how I was able to share my message and help others, and how I turned this into a stream of income for our family.


Picture yourself moving from unsure, confused and dispassionate about your role as a teacher or therapist to carving out your own dream role where you feel confident, excited, and fulfilled.


Through this program, you’ll create a clear business plan and vision, and have an idea moving forward as to how to consistently attract your dream clients. You’ll be able to serve them with the skills and knowledge that you have, and improve their lives as a result.

How do I create my business?

Create, Build, and Grow is comprised of a six week group coaching block and contains the following key topics:


  1. Defining your WHY, and finding your audience

  2. Business plan and becoming a problem solver

  3. Create your first offer and build content

  4. Implementation week

  5. Building audience, marketing - steps towards consistent income

  6. Deliver and test

What does the program look like?

Each week there will be a live Zoom call with a small group of highly motivated and passionate peers (that's you!). In this live Zoom call, I will provide content related to the week's goals through video/presentation. Info packed and only an hour of your time!

As teachers and therapists, you'll know it's your role to provide the inspiration and motivation, then it's up to your students/clients to implement their learnings. It's really important that you're willing to take on the information, allocate some time to the tasks each week, and commit to engaging in the program! This is of course what will shape the success of your business in the future.

Who is this program for?

If you read the following statements nodding your head, this program is for you:

- I studied teaching and loved it, but now I'm in the classroom, I just don't think its for me

- I worked so hard to become a registered therapist, but seeing so many clients is exhausting

- I feel so depleted, I don't have time or energy to do things I love anymore

- I'm willing to take the leap and commit to trying something new with an open mind

Where will this program take me?

Upon completion of the Create, Build, and Grow Program you will have:

- Identified the key area in which you would like to build your business

- Defined your ideal audience, and know how to help them find you

- Created a framework for your first offering

- Understand how to market and share your offering to those who need it

Okay - I'm ready to go - what's next?

I'm SO excited for you.

This program is open to a small group of people and I can't wait to get to know you all.


The program will commence on the 29th of August, 2021, and run for 6 weeks. 

Lets take the leap!

1 x Payment
2 x Monthly Payments
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