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1:1 Child Behaviour Consults

'Is this behaviour normal?'

'Will they ever be able to do this?'

'I'm trying to hard to do what people online say and it's not working'

'How is it so easy for everyone else?'

'I don't know what to do!'

'I feel like I've tried everything'

you are not alone.

If you've found yourself saying any of the above, you're in the company of many, many other parents I work with.

I've been supporting children for over 13 years, and have had the opportunity to develop deep understandings of child behaviour through professional practice. 

It brings me such joy to walk alongside as families navigate life's challenges, providing a safe space to be vulnerable, seek help, and get answers.

In our sessions, we can cover whatever you are finding the trickiest at the moment in your parenting.

This may be particular tricky behaviours, mental health related, challenges with school or daycare, or it may be about toileting. 

I work with families of all brain types! I am neurodivergent affirming in my practice, and have a strong focus on attachment and connection.

I use principles from the Circle of Security, and the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approach.

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