Gather and Play Behaviour Series Part 1 of 3

Thank you all so much for following along with us, we're so happy to see you here!

I've recently become a firm believer in the idea that if I waited until everything was perfect before releasing it into the would never exist. You'll notice that when you see how awful the quality of video and audio is here... also the addition of Lyra makes it interesting!! But you know what, it exists.

Stay tuned for when we one day get some sweet filming equipment and it all gets super fancy... but please don't go holding your breath. Because quite frankly, that ain't us.

In this video we introduce ourselves and the way this three part series will work - along with the biggest key takeaway that we want you to have in terms of children's behaviour!

I can't believe that over 90% of you voted that you would be fine to concentrate on what I'm saying with Lyra in the video... I'm glad you can but I can't so she won't be in the next two, haha.

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